Jon Shugart

It takes a lot of skill, passion, imagination, commitment, discipline, hard work, and leadership abilities to construct several multi million dollar organisations from scratch and to reach the top of numerous fields in a single lifetime. Luke Sample has actually had the ability to do that and much more in his early life.

One does not get featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal as a 23 year old entrepreneur, or generate more than $50 million in online sales without using his personal skills well. Whether it’s his early successes in life as an athlete, a trainee, an artist, or in later years an effective creator and contractor of business, Luke is constantly pursuing that next big goal or achievement in life.

Developing success for himself is something, but the ability to assist someone else attain their own dreams and reach their own goals with his help is what really drives Luke now. He has had the ability to assist countless individuals leave their jobs, make hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in several cases millions of dollars.

Jon and Luke speak about arbitrage as a revenue model and how it compares to affiliate marketing. Arbitrage has actually been around for a very long time as far as the internet is concerned, Stephan mentions. Luke then talks about whether this kind of arbitrage is still around, and Jon points out that there was a big push over the last couple of years to arbitrage native ads.

Why did Luke and Jon turn this into a service instead of simply building an arbitrage organisation themselves?

The secret for Luke and Jon is that they’re constantly innovating, Luke mentions, that makes it a win for everybody. We hear whether Luke and Jon use a prep service for their consumers.