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Book Profits Reviews with
Jon Shugart & Luke Sample

It is absolutely possible to build a successful online business and be non-technical at the same time. Not only non-tech, but you don’t have to be a marketing genius either.

And ads? You don’t have to run ads either. The key to success according to Jon Shugart and Luke Sample is finding the RIGHT method to get you there.

The Book Profits program is a complete system tailored for someone just like you. It includes the best software in the market to find the right books for you to buy and then sell on Amazon. It also includes training that allows students, just like you, to make money online with using the book arbitrage process.


Andrew From Rochester:

Andrew is from Rochester, New York, and he came across BookProfits approximately two years ago. Since he joined, his earnings hit the mid-6-figures. For Andrew, this is the single biggest earning source in his career and the best part is, it keeps growing and growing.

Andrew attributes his success with BookProfits to the in-depth training from Jon Shugart and Luke Sample. Andrew describes it as a “color by numbers” training. In that, it is simple, easy to understand and you just have to do it. He also described it as holding your hand every step of the way.

All you have to do is follow the training even if you are a beginner without prior e-commerce knowledge. From there, you can work part-time from anywhere as you grow.”


(Cy's Testimonial on the Book Profits Program

For someone who tried making money online before, Cy was amazed at how much he made in a short period after joining the BookProfits Program. Cy credits his success to the simplicity of the BookProfits system. There were times in his life, including his online ventures, which he gave up on systems before when they just weren’t matching what he envisioned. However, with Jon and Luke’s system, he said he was not about to give up. He believed in it and focused on following the training and working consistently.

Cy also credits his success to the amazing support community of booksellers who provide anything he needed to know just by asking. In just a year, Cy joined the 6-figure club and now plans to board the 7-figure train soon. For Cy, BookProfits (Textbook Money)is for anyone looking to make a change in their life and would recommend it to anyone across the board.

Jennifer's Testimonial online Book Profits

As a single mom, providing for her 4 kids has been an uphill task, especially since they are on the autism spectrum. This means Jennifer had to look for an alternative work arrangement that allows her to work from home to take care of her kids.

Book Profits proved to be the gamechanger for her, and in her first 5 days with the platform, she cash flowed over $2200 translating into $1800 in profit. For her, this is more than she could have hoped for – for herself and her kids.

From cloudy economic times during the summer, the sun is finally shining on Jennifer’s pockets allowing her to feed her kids without worrying about tomorrow.

Randy's Testimonial on Book Profits

For 15 years, Randy who hails from Ohio scoured the online workspace for a venture that could put food on the table and ultimately make him a self-made man. To his disappointment, he got nothing back apart from losses running into the thousands of dollars.

But everything changed when he stumbled on BookProfits. It was like hitting the jackpot for him. Randy was able to achieve his teenage dream – absolute independence. With BookProfits, Randy is now self-sufficient courtesy of the supportive community that continues to guide him through his journey.

Randy set out to replace his job, but he ended up replacing not only his job but also his lifestyle and that of his family with his 7-figure income.

Who is Jon Shugart?

Jon is the co-founder of BookProfits and the former TextBook Mastery. He is also well-known as an entrepreneur and software programmer. His savvy in computer programming has allowed him to create many software applications to help thousands of business owners achieve more success in less time. Know more About Jon Shugart.

Who exactly is Luke Sample?

Luke is the co-founder of the Book Profits Program and also does the training along with Jon. Luke, who also goes by the self-given nickname of "Lambo Luke" due to his ownership and love of Lamborghinis, is well-known in the self-startup business opportunities and internet marketing sector. He has created numerous business programs and software solutions for entrepreneurs. Know more about Luke.

Does book arbitrage work?

It can work as long as you have the tools needed to buy a book at a low cost and sell it when the demand is high for a profitable price. Doing the research on your own is possible, but it is painstakingly slow and many opportunities are missed due to the millions of books that are available at any given moment for value book trades.

This is why the BookProfits program could be right for you.

What is the best website to sell books?

Due to their popularity and the vast inventory available, the best website is Amazon without a doubt.

Is the BookProfits Program a scam?

A lot of people ask that, but when a system comes with a double your money-back guarantee, and that is saying something. Yes, you actually have to work the system in order to get the double money back, but if you aren’t willing to work a business, why are you getting into it in the first place?

How was the Book Profits program review conducted?

The reviews were all independently done and the experience level varies from a 12-year business owner to someone who just started their own online business due to the Corona outbreak. In terms of a solid system to make money online, this is it.

The training program comes with a rock-solid money-back guarantee so you risk nothing.

Is there such a thing as The Book Profits Club?

If you achieve a certain level of sales using the Book Profits software and system, you receive an award and entrance to the club at the annual Book Profits conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

How much do I need to invest in buying books to be profitable?

While you might get frustrated by the answer, it is true with this business or any business, how much you invest is entirely up to you.

It is highly advisable that you only invest an amount you can afford to lose. While it is true the more you invest the quicker you can start making money, but it is more important to learn the system at first and then invest more.